Amazing Dating Rule #10

You can’t rely on the old man’s money.

So it turns out you’re from two completely different spots on the socio-economic ladder, huh?  And it figures, the way it works out you got the fuzzy end of the trust fund stick.  It’s a tough time for our little economy, and it’s all too easy to fall into a dark pit of despair over your lack of cash monies.

It is best to make light of the situation whenever possible.  Today I got a text from the baseball game, where a work function was providing food of the best kind: free.  I responded, “I hope you lined your purse with tin foil!”  I have to admit I had a good laugh.  I got through parts of college with the help of clubs that fed their members.  And I have little to no shame.  No buffet is safe from me.

So try your best.  Don’t let your eyes fall out of your face when you see how much he spent on that bottle of wine.  Be honest if you can’t pick up the entire tab.  But most of all, relax.  If you can’t laugh about it, then the terrorists have won.


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