Amazing Dating Rule #8

No personal item left behind.

I’ve left things before.  Once I left my travel toothbrush, forgetting it was in the bathroom when I left after lunch.  Once, I left some clothing, because I couldn’t find it and figured I’d get it the next time I came over.

But you gotta watch out.  That “next time” isn’t a guarantee.  I’ve lost a couple of things over the years, forcing myself to write them off and pick up replacements along the way.

Almost every time I open my medicine cabinet to get my own toothbrush, I think of the guy who left his own behind on one already-sweltering morning in the summer. The girls and I analyzed this move for weeks.  “If he left his toothbrush, doesn’t that mean he’s coming back?”

No, it doesn’t.  Not all the time.

A few weeks ago after quasi-date party-thing, I was dropped off at the Metro station after fearing I had dropped the contents of my purse all over the floor of the car.  As the blood rushed to my head as I shined the light of my phone around the passenger seat, he said to me, “Aren’t you supposed to leave something behind so we see each other again?”  I laughed halfheartedly.  Not so simple, my friend.

Here’s a tip you should take without question.  If you think things are getting serious, stop.  It’s not that serious.  You’re jumping the gun.  Stuff your sweater into your purse and go home.

Your stuff will thank you.


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