The Difference

Dear eHarmony,

For once, I can’t say much against you.  Maybe it’s because I’ve stopped checking my account every morning because I got tired from seeing the same-0ld same-old from the boys you’ve been sending me.  But today, it’s not about you.  It’s about these boys.  Who taught them how to write their online dating profiles?  I can’t admit that I’m an expert at it, but I recognize a good one from a bad one.  Let’s pull up some examples, shall we?  These are from the section that lists what each person is most passionate about (which is rarely ever a single thing).  It’s the first thing I see when I click on someone’s profile after I see their name/age/location, so it’s kind of a big first impression.

Here’s a decent one:

I am passionate about my job and helping families that are struggling or those who have had difficult lives. I am passionate about exercise and sports, although it comes in spurts. I am passionate about learning and experiencing as much as possible while I am able, including travel and education. I am passionate about doing my best with whatever I am trying to accomplish. I am passionate about having a good time with friends and family.

This guy is a little over the top –I get that he’s a passionate dude.  But there is also honesty here.  He sounds driven.  He sounds generous.  He sounds like an all-around good guy.  I can’t learn a ton about the guy through his little eHarmony blurb about his passions, but I’m not deterred from reading onward, either.

On the flipside…here’s a doozy:

the sun the moon the stars especially the shooting stars cooking trying different cusines sweets life living adventure finding things friends ideas running with ideas playing kissing holding hands skipping dancing loving taking photos of all of life’s beauty seeing things from a new angle meeting people sharing energy

A little too passionate, eh eHarmony?  You gotta be with me on this one.  Who let this guy in?  Not only does his lack of puncuation make me shudder, he also creeps me the heck out.  Can’t wait to share my energy with him……

You know, you sent me an e-mail a few weeks back asking me if I was “a skeptic.”  Did you seriously need to ask me that?



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