The End Of the Line

Dear eHarmony,

I don’t know if it’s going to work out between us much longer.  First, you tried to match me with a guy named “u” from “bob town.”  I’m serious.  How did you let this guy in?  I think I’m offended that you thought we’d go well together.

But here’s the real downer.  You sent me a normal guy.  A guy with a boring name that likes grilling and baseball and hanging out.  And god only knows what he looks like, but he sounds normal enough.  He sent me some questions to answer, you know, those multiple choice ones about what I’d want to do on a Saturday night, or how busy I am, or what I consider to be “adventure.”  I tried sending them to some nice-sounding guy the other night but you wanted $40 bucks out of me.  And then tonight I find out I can’t even answer any questions from any of these normal guys you think I’d be cute next to.

Don’t you know I’m broke as hell, eHarmony?  I might be missing out on my soul mate here!!

What a buzzkill.



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One response to “The End Of the Line

  1. themadjewess

    WOW. Thats something! You should go to and meet some folks. They have Catholic rooms, they have political rooms, etc. I met the love of my LIFE in paltalk. I am a political junkie. I wasnt going to meet him, b/c how dumb is that to meet someone online! But I was visitng NYC, and THEN he asked to meet me- I saw him and BADA BOOM BADA BING 😉

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