Spelling and Grammar Count

Dear eHarmony,

What did I tell you about Qasim?  I thought I was clear that I wasn’t interested in Qasim. I just wasn’t that into his online profile.  But Qasim wants to talk to me, does he?  Tough beans, kid.

And what’s up with Aliou?  The guy doesn’t even capitalize his own name, so technically he’s just aliou. It’s awesome that he speaks three languages, but the fact that English is his third kind of worries me.  My hearing is crappy and I have a hard time with accents.  And I can tell that this guy has a few more English classes left.  So I’m a little skeptical.  Oh, and also, I’m just not interested.  So when I closed communication with Aliou, why did you let him send that message to ask me to reconsider because he thought we had potential?

We obviously don’t have potential.

eHarmony, please send over some baseball-loving guys with boring names.



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