Ur Doin It Wrong

Dear eHarmony, (first in a string of disgruntled letters to eHarmony)

What is your deal?  You make me fill out a bazillion questions.  And then I get to see a little bit about these guys who are supposed to be my soul mates or harmony mates or faith mates or something.  And then you give me a little nudge and tells me I should open communication with some of these nice-sounding gentleman.

So I go through and pick out these deep questions to ask an unsuspecting guy, like “how do you feel about traditional gender roles” or “if I took you to a party and you didn’t know anyone how would you react?”  First of all, I was looking for questions a little more like “what is your favorite sport?” or “lions or tigers?”  But no.  So I pick out these questions to send to this boy or man or whatnot, and then you tell me I gotta pay to do this?  You did not really make this clear up front, eHarmony.  I know I read the terms of service and all that, but throw a girl a bone.  I wanna see if any of these boys are legit.

So, eHarmony, I’m a little disgruntled.  Don’t send me an email every morning telling me that I should get introduced to Qasim, or that Dan’s morals and values match mine (seriously?) unless you’re gonna deliver some goods.




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