The Great eHarmony Experiment

I signed up for eHarmony.  (Pause to allow for laughter.)  Honestly, X did it, I laughed and was shocked, and then I said, “well why not?”  So here I was tonight, sitting around at home filling in a thousand questions about how important my match’s faith is (…..not really that important).  I have always joked that I am too young and too divorced for eHarmony, but let’s see what happens. 

I am 100% positive that I will not meet someone through this.  I’m sure that my answers will a factor (“the Phillies” ranked as the number one thing I can’t live without, followed by Chipotle and my cat).  But I hope I get some laughs out of this. 

Another factor?  I’m so not paying for that.  I’m too cheap to pay for online dating.  I hope to always be too cheap for online dating.


Last night while out on the town, I came to the realization that I don’t want any of the guys in this city.  I only want the ones that are already in front of me but are so painfully unavailable. (Painfully for me, not for them.)  So I think I come off as a little unapproachable.  So here I go, avoiding actual contact with men by going on eHarmony.  Wheeeeee!


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