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Here’s a news flash, makeup manufacturers: you’re clueless.  I’ve gone through about 15 different shades of foundation in the past year and I’m still coming up short.  I’ve bummed around in the makeup aisle for long enough, and I’ve held my wrist up under those translucent “find your shade” retractable sheets, but I’m still losing.  I either look like I’ve seen a ghost, like I am already choosing a shade I’ll be able to wear once I go back to tanning every other day, or like I am blushing HARD.  And this stuff is expensive.  I hate doling out $14 to find out that my “true match” is only a match for me if the bar is very dim.

So today, I will venture back to the drugstore to actually attempt to return shade C2 because it is just not happening.  Hopefully I can exchange for something else, and hopefully that something else will not break my face’s heart.


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