He’s Just Not That Into You: The Review

I am not a reviewist so here’s a list of pros and cons:


-Baltimore!  They’re in Baltimore!
-Aw, a troubled marriage. Sympathy.
-Justin Long was the best boy friend ever.  We all want to date him now, don’t we?
-Drew Barrymore was adorable and naive and there was not enough of her in this movie!
-Reinforced the fact that I like short guys (a la the Kevin Connolly)
-I’m not sure if that last one was really a pro, but it’s good to admit it.
-A lot of good laughs.  Even my brother-in-law liked it.
-And oh, yes, they showed part of a Terps football game, how cool was that? 


-I was not ready for the Home Depot scene and I’ll admit that I pretty much bawled in the middle of my row.
-Ginnifer Goodwin’s every move made me cringe. Just a tad over the top.
-It will take a lot for me to like Bradley Cooper after this movie.
-They made ScarJo look fat.
 -Ginnifer Goodwin made me hurt for her.  (Yes, it’s worth mentioning twice.)


Verdict: I’ll buy it off half.com when it comes out on DVD.  I did a little too much thinking afterward, but overall, a good movie to see with your girlfriends–not with a date!


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