Dating Rule #5

No naked photos.

Everyone wants to do something nice for the person they love or are at least remotely interested in. Everyone’s also a little curious about what they’d look like in a naked Glamourshot. This does not mean, however, that’s ever a good idea.  You might trust this person with your private matters, but are you going to trust him when he’s gone?  You’re going to end up with pictures of yourself all over Iraq.  Or…Toledo.  Wherever.

He may have a bomb-ass camera and know how to use it.  He may whisper sweet nothings in your ear.  He may promise that you two will be the only ones who ever see the photos. But unless he uses film and only gets singles printed and he gives them to you, and you only give him a certain number of them and remember exactly which ones he has, you can never guarantee that they won’t get passed around.

I guess this is my first dating rule that I’m actually serious about.  But if you haven’t learned anything yet from Paris Hilton or Vanessa Hudgens, you must be dumb.


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