Amazing Rules of Dating

A few weeks ago in inadvertently started coming up with a list of dating rules.  They’re not necessarily good rules, but they’re ones that I just naturally tend to follow.  And I’m starting to forget them, so I’m going to list them and just add as I go along.  Suggestions welcome.


1. On the first date, obtain information about potential next husband’s health history.  There are a lot of illnesses that don’t really matter to me in the long run and I’m generally a supportive person when it comes to health issues.  But.  If you’re diabetic, it’s a no-go.  I bake a lot, and I bake with a lot of tasty ingredients that are horrible for all of us.  And I don’t want the risk of my significant other dropping dead or losing a foot to hinder my baking.  And if I’m just baking for myself, then I’m going to gain considerable amounts of weight.  So.  No diabeetus.

2. Never wear a black sweater on a first date.  I’m not jumping the gun (okay, I am), but if that sweater happens to come off on the first date and your pits are full of black sweater fuzz, you’re gonna be embarrassed.  Just avoid the problem.  Stay away from black sweaters, or at least wear something with sleeves under them.


Yeah, I forget the rest.  It’ll come to me.  Most likely in some awful early-morning hour.


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