Childhood flashback!!

I was bored at work the other day (I mean, I was working really diligently and took a break…) and I had a flashback to elementary school.  I don’t know if it was just Catholic school, but we were paranoid about scumbags cheating off of us during spelling tests.  So we all put up two folders on our desk like a little fort (never the subject of the test we were taking, duh) and boxed out so no one could watch us spell “friend” incorrectly.

Anyway.  Two folders.  And you know for about three or four years my folders were always Lisa Frank folders.  Because nothing says “I’m a modern girl!” like big rainbow unicorns and a panda that has the same hairdo that I am now sporting in my twenties. And I thought of these things randomly the other day, probably because I needed a folder for something and was too lazy to get up and find a manila one.  I also had a Lisa Frank unicorn lunchbox, but one day in preschool some ants got in my lunchbox and that wasn’t fun.

Anyway.  There is really no point to this blog, except to remind us all of the things we obsessed over when we were young, before the internets came along.  This post has made no sense because my roommate has been gabbing in my ear the whole time and it is hard to blog and have a conversation about her lack of direction at the same time.

Oh, she just left the room and all of a sudden it is so much easier to think in complete sentences.  This folder thing was funny enough for two days until we went to the bar tonight and got to talking with the bartender.  We were discussing how young my roommate looks, and he says “Right now, you look your age.  But if we put you in a backpack…with a trapper keeper…maybe a Lisa Frank one?” and I could not help but crack up.  Oh, semi-foreign bartender we love.  You are so funny.





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