Drunk tongues

Two unrelated items that are only related because there was drinking involved in both instances:

The other night a bunch of us were out and I missed the conversation that preceded this moment, but someone said very clearly, “Coup de grace is like the icing on the cake…a coup d’etat is when you take over a country.”

Apparently someone in the group did not take French in high school.


Tonight: I realized that half the fun of a homemade halloween costume is watching everyone guess who you are.  I was Wendy from Peter Pan at a party tonight (not slutty Wendy, just regular Wendy) and a lot of people got it right away.  But the host, after a few drinks, looked at me and said, “Who are you, Mary Magdalene?”

Of course, me being drunk, I responded, “I could be!”

Next year’s costume: check.  I’ll be toga-ing it up and letting people guess all over again.


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