Truth in Advertising

I took my car to the shop today to get a plethora of issues taken care of, and I told them I was going to need a rental car.  So they called the rental place to pick me up from down the street, and the guy arrives with a Dodge Charger.  I just kind of looked at it.  “You’re not going to make me drive that, are you?”  No, he told me to get in the car so he could take me to get a different car.  Thank goodness. The Charger is nice but man it’s a Tank.  I made it very clear I wanted something a little smaller, and possibly in pink.

So he decides I should take the Mazda 3 that’s sitting out front when we arrive at the rental place.  Sweet.  Except, oh man, here comes some tool that’s already reserved my Mazda!  Shit.  So  whatshisface asks if the Nissan Sentra is okay.  I tell him sure thing and he tells me that the Sentra is technically a mid-size, but he’s only going to charge me for an economy.  Why thank you, whatsyourface. 

Until I drive the little fucker away!  I do believe, young professional, that you are slightly delusional.  The SAT question would look like this: Charger is to holy freakin’ tank as Sentra is to paper sailboat.  There has gotta be an in-between there. It’s like a cardboard box on wheels.  Let me specify that I’m a lady who drives an Oldsmobile….yes, the car that they don’t make anymore.  So anything that’s not an Olds feels like I’m riding around in a tin can.  Except this time the tin can is cardboard and the wheels are made of pencil erasers or something.



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