Run baby run

July 28, 2008

I’m finally just about settled into my new place.  When it finally got a bit cooler last week, I decided to take a run in the neighborhood on the trail by the creek.  I knew this trail existed, but I didn’t exactly understand where it ran.  I got on the trail and ran for about a half-mile before stopping at a playground to stretch before running back the way I came.  But instead of getting off the trail at the hospital and running home the way I came, I decided to follow the trail around the hospital.  I assumed I would come out into my neighborhood on the trail and then run home in familiar territory.

Not the case.  I ran past the hospital and under the highway and like that I was in very unfamiliar territory.  I thought to myself “Well it’s gotta loop around somewhere” and kept running, not wanting to double back again.  

Three (extra, unplanned) miles later, I staggered up the stairs and into the living room.  ”That was a really long run,” Jessica commented from the couch.

“I got really lost.”

I found my way home, okay, but only after running through about three other neighborhoods along the creek.

Tonight I went running again and stuck to a much shorter flight plan.


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